Jumat, 13 Februari 2015

Extraordinary Table Designs

At some point back, we offered a story before about some somewhat irregular bookshelves yet this time the spotlight is on tables. Item creators are perpetually discontent with the ordinary 4 legs-1 level top tables. They need to test. What's more now and then, examinations lead to astonishing results:

Marta Antoszkiewicz calls it the Bulb seat. It is practical when being used and pretty when put aside and it spares a ton of spot.

Kitchenette indicated above is another of Marta's thoughts.

Wish you could transform your tables into seats? With this configuration by Joel Hesselgren, well, you can!

Here is one of our most loved bits of furniture. A case of really inventive and splendid configuration. Made by DB Fletcher.

The Most Amazing Table Ever Bro! – feature fueled by Metacafe

An alternate idea in space sparing furniture plan.

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